Canvas Care

We at Rainbow Canvas want your canvas to give you a long and lasting experience. That's why we recommend the following guidelines to all our customers:

  • Avoid displaying your canvas print in direct sunlight as well as fluorescent lighting. Sunlight and fluorescent lights both radiate UV light that can fade and damage prints over time. 
  • Handle the print with care as any pressure on the image can result in the canvas tearing or stretching. Always hold the canvas on the side of the frame
  • Never attempt to rub the surface of the image with your finger or fingernail as this could scratch the surface of the print.
  • Lightly dust your print with a soft cloth or duster on a regular basis to prevent any dust buildup.
  • If necessary, gently wipe your print with a soft cloth that has been slightly dampened with water.
  • Do not use any chemicals to clean your print.
  • Do not store your canvas prints for extended periods in plastic bags or containers as there will be moisture build up that can result in damage to the image.
  • It is not feasible to display your print where air pollutants, heat and high humidity can be of concern such as kitchens, bathrooms, or heat sources such as forced air vents and radiators should be avoided.